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Delightful Le Boutique shoulder bag

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Just like strolling by the prettiest shop windows of Paris, this is how you will feel when you use this beautiful Le Boutique shoulder bag! Its lovely design combines the picture of this wonderful shop window display printed on the front, together with the grey on the back that has a slight metallic touch to it, a pocket and a pretty Anekke patch. It is the perfect size to use as your daily bag, because it has lots of room and there are pockets inside to keep your things tidy. The brown shoulder strap has super original embroidery on it. There are lots of details on the bag, such as the patches or the decorative keyring with a printed bow. A new inseparable companion!

Size: 36/26x11x32.5 cm

Material: 100% PU

Handles: 1 handle + Crossbody strap

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