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La Vie Chic Backpack

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This delightful La Vie Chic backpack by Anekke will become one of your daily basic accessories. With a design inspired by the French haute couture, combining it with any outfit will be very easy. The front of the backpack is a metal grey colour, with a soft texture. It has a velvet pocket with a printed design on it and a navy blue flap on the top to open it, which is decorated with a golden brooch with rhinestones set in it. The back is navy blue faux leather, there is also a pocket and a decorative patch. There is lots of room inside, with different pockets so that you can organise everything as you want. The straps to carry it on your back are navy blue. The details are the icing on the cake, with a Towanda pin, Anekke patch and a bow key ring. An absolute essential!

Size: 26x11x31 cm



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