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Printed Gladstone style bag

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Sometimes you don't have to get on a plane to lose yourself in the magic of a country. In this collection, Anekke takes you away to the magical and beautiful India! You will want this Gladstone bag with you at all times, seeing as its marvellous colours and details will go perfectly with all your clothes. The front and the back of the bag are made of printed faux leather, with different colours and motifs. Its designs will make you feel as if you were in India! The sides are made of embroidered denim and it has a coloured pom pom key ring and the gorgeous Towanda key ring. The bag handle is brown and embroidered. If you prefer to carry it over your shoulder you can too. Just add the crossbody strap. Are you ready to travel with Anekke?

Size: 35/2x14x26.5cm

Materials: Polyester and Polyurethane

Handles: One handle and a crossbody strap

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